September 23, 2021

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Indians and gift ideas

Indians and gift ideas
Indians were noble people of great belief in culture, social relations and religion.

Indians were noble people of great belief in culture, social relations and religion. The strong attachment to age-old beliefs and tradition is a common phenomenon. One such belief is giving a gift as a way of expressing affection, association, friendship or all other reasons found worthwhile. Despite the civilization that has taken over the world now, Indians will still be seen giving gifts to friends, families plus associates in a way no less than the old traditional way. Due to the much value given to this act, it is important to have the knowledge of the thing to present to an Indian guest or visitor as well as how to present it to them. Fortunately, there is a strong belief in reciprocating gifts to show mutual feeling.

Some beautiful ideas are highly important when presenting a gift to Indians for different purposes. Simple but unique inexpensive gifts so that it can easily be reciprocated to the giver. In India, gifts were given by both hands as a show of maximum appreciation with the whole heart. It is forbidden to give or receive a gift with your left hand in Indian culture. A gift is more appreciated when wrapped in bright-colored covers or a gift box. White or black colors are considered to be from unlucky colors so should be avoided.

Either as a host or guest,

Gifts can be extended to the host’s children as a kind gesture. When reciprocating the kind gesture of the gift, the guest’s preferences can be asked, this is not considered invidious. In India, the occasion defines the type of gift that will be given. Children are more fond of birthday celebrations as a form of enjoyment than adults. It is expected to give candies, new cloth, spices, and toys at this celebration. Similar things were expected to be given during their festivities or holidays such as Rakhi and Diwali festivals.

Either as a host or guest, Indians give a variety of different types of gifts. These include electronic gadgets, sweets, household materials, perfumes, books, toys etc. The type of gift depends on the gender, marital status, age, mutual relationship among other factors. Electronic gadgets and household materials were given to married spouses or on the occasion of a wedding banquet. Books and toys were most given to children on many occasions. Not only the modern gifts, Indians give so much regard to unique ancient ones such as Kondapalli toys. Most of these ancient toys are made of wood, clay and ceramics.

Indians and gift ideas

There is another kind of toy which are the modern toys of art boxes, books, games and crafting kits categories. These were made of plastics, ceramics, alloys including soft metals built into various shapes and ornaments of different sizes. Of these, game toys plus animated toys were common great toy ideas so much valued. The Jenga Board game is a tower building type likened to the formation of wooden building blocks. This game, like others, serves as inspiration challenging the mental faculty as well as aiding critical thinking. Others include the LadyBug Game, Intex Dinosaur Play Center, Wooden Jigsaw Pursuit, Educational Toys, Activity Triangle and many other puzzle toys.

There are other sport games like Classic Red Dual Deck Tricycle, car toys, horse racing toys which help in raising physical activity. All these are decorated with a lot of fascinating colors to aid wide acceptance by the kids. This forms a great gift idea for Indians in selecting the kind of gifts to be given to them appropriately.