September 23, 2021

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Gifts for an Indian Friend

Gifts for an Indian Friend
Indian people are hospitable and warm towards their guest, when visiting an Indian household, the

Indian people are hospitable and warm towards their guest, when visiting an Indian household, the host will give you a gift to mark the visit. This gift is a sign of appreciation for taking your time to visit your host. When going on such a visit, you should prepare a gift to match the courtesy of your host. The gift for such an occasion can be something as simple as flowers as a sign of warmth and gratitude to your host. Alternatively, if your host has children, you can opt to buy sweets. When visiting a friend with kids in India, it is always good practice to bring something for the kids.

Shopping for a gift for your

Shopping for a gift for your host’s children does not limit you to just sweets. As a visitor looking to strike a bond with the children, you can invest in something that excites them. Toys make for ideal gifts when dealing with kids. Children are fond of practical gifts, while adults might appreciate sentimental gifts such as paintings, kids have a simpler thinking. The ideal gift for a kid is an item that carries utility to the kid, something the kid can play with. Giving gifts to your host’s children comes off as a sweet gesture and fosters better relationships.

Gifts for an Indian Friend

If a host enjoys a good bottle of liquor, the guest can bring a fine bottle of whatever the host drinks. When choosing a bottle to give as a gift, go for something that is classy. Going for a cheap bottle might give the wrong impression and paint you as somebody who is stingy with money. Choosing a classy bottle makes for a more respectable gift as it carries value. Before selecting what to buy, it pays to have an idea of what your host is fond of. Indians are conservative, a big chunk of the Indian population still carries traditional beliefs. If your host does not drink, bringing alcohol is a terrible idea.

How you wrap and present your gift to an Indian determines how your gift will be received. For your gift wrapper, go with a colorful wrap, stick to bright colors as the Indians are fond of colorful shades. Colors such as green and yellow are considered as lucky colors in Indian culture. When offering your gift present it with both hands, passing your gift with your left hand is considered offensive in India. A person has to give the impression of humility while giving a gift.

When trying to gift a friend, go for a practical object such as an electronic gadget. While it does not have to be the latest model or expensive, you have to pay attention to quality. Poor quality electronics will give you a bad name as they scream you are cheap. The gifts we give people speak volumes about how much time, effort and money was used in buying them. This is interpreted as part of the worth a gifted item carries. It is worth noting that in India, you cannot give any leather gifts, this is because the people hold cows as a sacred symbol.