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Explaining traditional Indian gifts

Explaining traditional Indian gifts
An important traditional thing to do in India is to give out gifts.

An important traditional thing to do in India is to give out gifts. Indians give out traditional gifts, and it is essential to learn the best ways to give them out to others.

Not all Indian gifts have a cultural meaning, the simplest gift that is given or received is money. The traditional Indian gifts can be from monetary gifts to more personal, with a whole range of them in between. Money is easy to give and there is no need to think for long if it is going to be liked or used or not. The only thing that has to be thought about is the amount, which varies depending on the relationship with others. It is a good traditional Indian gift to give which has been given away for generations. The essential thing to make sure when giving money is to add a rupee for Shagun. If this is not done, the money is regarded as bad luck.

Sweets or mithai are loved by

Another simple traditional Indian gift that can be offered to others is a nice Ganesh idol. This is commonly given to a couple who are beginning their lives together. Since most Hindu’s have religious beliefs joined to it, it is usually seen as a strange gift. But there are ornamental or plain and nice, that will be suitable as a nice gift. Ganesh idols are less expensive to include in a budget, there is a whole range of them. Before gifting them out, it is neccessary to know the religious background of the individual receiving before gifting it because many individuals don’t receive them well.

Sweets or mithai are loved by anyone including Indians, it makes for an excellent traditional gift. In India, it is a popular form of gift for the reason that they love sweets, there are plenty to choose from, and usually, with large families, there is always a friend who loves them. Sweets are good traditional Indian gifts since humans should always start a new thing with a sweet mouth, there are healthier sweets for those who prefer healthier options.

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Clothes are gifted quite often, as common gifts or as wedding gifts, this is because in a new turn of life humans tend to wear and want to wear new clothes. Even tradition dictates that occasions permitted the gifting of new clothes, everyone can do it. A good thing to do would be to understand what the receiver would actually want and not to buy clothes without doing any research first. For clothings, nobody can ever have enough, good clothes can be an investment too, examples are a good Banarasi silk or Kanjeevaram saree.

There are things to do when giving gifts to Indians, gifts should be presented with both hands upon arrival at a host’s house and must be given to the head of the household. When money is given as a gift, it should be an odd number instead of an even number.

Explaining traditional Indian gifts

A chic, yet stylish traditional Indian gift would be silver ornaments, they can be a gift that can be obtained in different sizes and different types. Silver ornaments can all suit all budget and show insight to the receiver, these ornaments are gifts that are wonderful to be included in a home. But it is beneficial not buy a silver ornament that might just be a waste.

Dry fruits are now becoming famous tradition gift in India. They are popular for numerous reasons, they are healthy, don’t get spoiled easily, and it can be added to other foods to make them even tastier. Dry fruits are wonderful gifts for all categories of gifts, for those who want healthy items, for those who want useful items, as well as others who want rich gifts. They are easy to find and will have no problem being consumed, they can be made to look better with good packagings like beautiful boxes or Potli’s.

Spices are wonderful gifts that are mainly given at weddings. In old India, it was a common gift to be given, example is Kesar. If the couple is living abroad then gifting a box of spices can be an excellent gift. But if the spices will be given to a couple living in India then it is nice to give spices that cannot be found easily in the country, this can be done to delight the receiver.